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Alphafriends as humans : Andy Apple by magictimeymare12
Alphafriends as humans : Andy Apple
You might remember the alphafriends when you were in kindergarten and these fun characters showed a letter of the alphabet, i love the alphafriends so i thought i could make human versions of these guys and girls, first up Andy Apple as a male acrobat, since he's the acrobatic apple in his song i met him a trampoline where he can jump and land on. if you want others made let me know, but im not doing jumping kill, queenie queen or mr.x-ray cause well their already humans, hope you enjoy this little peice.
Made with DeviantArt muro
mlp AU : The Spice Family by magictimeymare12
mlp AU : The Spice Family
mlp AU suri polamare and her sisters, lemon zest,sugar coat,and sugar belle.

lemon zest is marble's counterpart

sugar coat is lime stone's counterpart

sugar belle is maud pie's counterpart and

suri polamare is pinkie pie's counterpart.

Made with DeviantArt muro
mlp AU eqg demon moondancer and moonlight magic by magictimeymare12
mlp AU eqg demon moondancer and moonlight magic
mlp AU eqg moondancer takes the crown and becomes demon moondancer, at the friendship games eqg trixie from crystal prep used the magic from her necklace and becomes moonlight magic, when both of them came, their opposites helped them reform and become friends.

moon dancer is sunset shimmer's counterpart

trixie lulamoon is twilight sparkle's counterpart

Made with DeviantArt muro
Lighting dust: Nighttime,,forever.

*trixie runs home*

Lighting dust: Where she going?!

*trixes puts spike in his bed then tries finding the book about the elements of harmony *

Trixie lulamoon: Elements,elements, ugh how am I suppose to stop nightmare dusk without the elements of harmony. 


Mist hearts: Lighting stop it, your scaring her, she read the books that's why she was in a hurry, ,,trixie.please explain.

Trixie lulamoon : I read every tale of her and these objects called the elements of harmony are the only things that can stop her, but idk what they do or anything.

Suri polamare: Oh trixie I found the book its under the E line.

Trixie lulamoon: Oh...ok..

*trixie reads the book*

Trixie lulamoon: There are 6 elements of harmony but only 5 of known Kindness,Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity and Laughter, the 6 is a complete mystery, it is said that the last known location is in the castle of the Royal Sisters,,wait.that's princess adagio and princess sonata, I read about them, sonata is nightmare dusk, we gonna help her.

Mist hearts : So where do we go to get there?

Starlight glimmer: Hm it saids here its the Darkever Forest, oh boy..that place is scary.

Suri polamare : Well let's get going.

Trixie lulamoon: Not so fast, it's dangerous there, but I guess we can stick together you never know what will happen.

Mist hearts: Yup like carmal on an apple.

Suri polamare : Those are good, let's get going.

*while walking in the forest *

Trixie lulamoon : So..has any of you been in here?

Starlight glimmer : Heavens no, this is a very scary place to be in.

Blossom forth and mist hearts : I agree

Mist hearts : It ain't natural, it doesn't work the same as equestria.

Trixie lulamoon: What's that suppose to mean mist.

Lighting dust : No pony knows.

Mist hearts : Lighting quit it.

Lighting dust : Any pony has gone in, never came OUT.

*the cliff falls apart with lighting and blossom in the air*

Starlight,Trixie,Mist and Suri : AHHHHH!!



*lighting has suri and blossom has starlight *

*mist grabs trixie's hooves as trixie is about to fall*

Trixie lulamoon : Mist hearts what do I do?!

Mist hearts : Let go.

Trixie lulamoon : Are you crazy?!

Mist hearts : No I ain't I promise you'll be safe.

Trixie lulamoon : That's not true.

Mist hearts : Trixie, what i'm saying is the honest truth,let go and you'll be safe.

*trixie lets go but lighting and blossom catch her*

Trixe lulamoon:.Thank you guys.

Lighting dust: Don;t thank us trixie,thank mist hearts.

Mist hearts: Hey I told you your gonna be safe.

Trixie lulamoon: Well that was good thinking.

*more walking later a manicore comes and the mane 6 but blossom forth try fighting him*

Trixie lulamoon: LIGHTING BE CAREFUL.

Starlight glimmer: AHHA TAKE THAT

Blossom forth: WAITTTTT!

Blossom forth: Shhh it's ok little guy, let me help you please.

ittle guy.
Lighting dust: Little?

*blossom pulls the thorn out *

Trixie lulamoon : How did you know about the thorn?

Blossom forth: I didn't we just need to show a little kindness.

*more walking later *

Starlight glimmer : Ugh how much longer?

Mist hearts :..I just stepped in mud,,well after this path just across a river then were there.

*scary trees form* 

Suri polamare: HAHHAHA.

Trixie lulamoon: Suri what are you doing, RUN!

Suri polamare: Oh girls dont you see *starts to sing* ( When I was a little filly and the sun was going down )

Trixie lulamoon : tell me she's not.

Suri polamare: ( the darkness and the shadows would always make me frown)

Starlight glimmer : She is

Suri polamare: (I'd hide under my pillow from what I thought I saw, but granpony said that's not the way at all, he said pinkie you gonna stand up tall learn to face your fears ,you'll see they can't hurt you just laugh to make them disappear, hahaha.

mane 6: (SO! giggle at the ghosties, laugha at the grosspy, crack up at the creepy, whip it up with the weepy, tooral at the coucky)

Suri polamare : And if you think they can hurt you and then another thing is coming and the idea of such a thing wants to make you hahahahha, LAUGHHHHHHHHHH)

*the ponies stop at a river *

Suri polamre: How are we gonna cross that?

*they hear a cry from steven magnet *

Trixie lulamoon : Excuse me sir, why are you crying?

Steven magnet: I was just minding my own things when all of a sudden a blueish purple smoke whipped pass by me and cut my mustache in half, I'm ugly now!!

Lighting dust: Oh give me a break.

Mist hearts : That;s what the fuss is about.

Starlight glimmer: Why of course it is, why are you not seeing his beauty is falling apart, all he needs is a make over, I will not let ruined fashion go unfixed.

*she takes one of steven's scales *

Trixie lulamoon: Starlight what are you.....

*starlight's tail is cut off *

Steven magnet: Oh my.its beautiful, thank you so much.

Starlight glimmer: You look smashing and your very welcome.

Trixie lulamoon: Oh starlight your beautiful tail.

Starlight glimmer: Oh don;t mind it my dear, short tails r easy to handle with, plus it will grow back.

Lighting dust : So will the mustache.

Mist hearts : Well starlight is a fashion pony you can't blame her.

*after crossing the water they get to the bridge to the castle *

Trixie lulamoon: There it is the castle that holds the elements of harmony, we made it.

Mist hearts: Trixie wait for us.

Trixie lulamoon: Were also there, WHOA!

*lighting helps trixie up*

Lighting dust: There is a lot of cliffs here huh?

Suri polamare: Now what, the bridge is broken.

Lighting dust: Me and blossom have wings maybe I can help.

Suri polamare : Oh ok.

Blossom forth: I'm too shy, you go ahead lighting.

*lighting flys to get the net then flys back up then she is about to tie it when a voice is head *


Lighting dust: Who's there?!

Voice: We've been waiting to see you lighting, you are the greatest flyer aren't you?

Lighting dust: Oh yeah me, do you mind telling the wonderbolts that would you?

Spitfire : How about joining us, the shadowbolts.

Lighting dust:..Wait...spitfire?! I thought you were in ponyville training with muffin.

Spitfire: No rainbow, I'm not, about you join us? were the greatest flyers in the Darkever forest, all we need is a captain and we'll be the greatest flyers ever in equesteria.

Lighting dust : Whoo Hoo!! sign me up, but let me tie this bridge first.

Spitfire: NO its them or us!

Trixie lulamoon : Lighting what's taking so long?,oh!, DONT listen to them

*clouds muffle the sound*
Spitfire : ...well.

Lighting dust : You.. ,,thank you for the offer I mean, but i'm gonna have to say no, plus..I know your nightmare dusk. who else would use their eyes to move clouds.

Mist hearts : Way to go lighting.

Lighting dust: Well I would never leave my friends hanging.

*inside the castle *

Starlight glimmer : Whoa..

Mist hearts: Come on trixie, isn't this what you've been waiting for.

Trixie lulamoon: The elements of harmony, we found them.

Suri polamare: 1 , 2 .3..there's only 5.

Lighting dust : Where's the 6th?

Trixie lulamoon: The book said when the 5 are present a 6th will come.

Mist hearts: What's that suppose to mean, use magic?

Trixie lulamoon: I believe so, maybe if I use magic on them, a spark will form.

*as trixie does her spell, nightmare dusk takes the elements and trxie is teleported away with the elements *

main 5: TRIXIE!

Starlight glimmer: Look at the tower!

Mist hearts: Come on let's save trixie.

*after trixie lands, nightmare has the elements*

Nightmare dusk : Mwhahahha.

*trixie starts to charge *

Nightmare dusk : Your kidding....your kidding right?

*trixie shoots out magic so does nightmare, then trixie teleports to the elements and starts using magic but then nightmare teleports back and stops her*

Trixie lulamoon: Come on, come on.

Nightmare dusk: can't be.

*the magic stops*

Trixie lulamoon: ! but, where's the 6th element!

*nightmare dusk destories the elements*

Nightmare dusk : Mwhahhahahah, you little fool thinking you can defeat me, now you'll never see your princess nor your sun, the night will last forever! HAHAHAHAHA.

Mane 5: Trixie, were coming.hold on.

Trixie lulamoon: You think you can destory the elements of harmony just like that, well your wrong cause the spirits of the elements of harmony are right here!

*the pieces start floating*

Nightmare dusk: What?!

Trixie lulamoon: Mist hearts, who resured me when I was in doubt, represents the spirit of honest, blossom forth who taimed the manicore with her compasion represents the spirit of kindness, suri polamare who banished fear by giggling in a face of danger represents the spirit of laughter, starlight glimmer who calmed steven magnet with a meaningful gift represents the spirit of generosity and lighting dust who could not abandon her friends for her own heart's desire represents the spirit of loyalty, the spirits of these 5 ponies got us through every challenge you threw at us.

Nightmare dusk : You still don't have the 6th element, the spark didn't work.

Trixie lulamoon: But it did, a different kind of spark, I felt at the very moment that i realized how happy I was to see you, to hear you, how much I cared about you, the spark ignited inside me, what I realized is that you all, are my friends!.

*the 6th element floats down to them*

Trixie lulamoon: You see nightmare dusk, when the elements are ignited by the,,the spark that unties us all it creates the 6th element, the element of MAGIC.

*the 6 elements are turned into necklaces and a huge rainbow defeats nightmare dusk*

Nightmare dusk: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!

*after the mane 6 wake up*

Lighting dust: Ow my head.

Mist hearts: Everypony ok?

Starlight glimmer: Oh thank goodness

Blossom forth: Why starlight, it's so lovely.

Starlight glimmer: I know i'll never ruin her again.

Blossom forth: Oh, your necklace, look it looks like your cutie mark.

Starlight glimmer: So does yours.

Suri polamare: Look at mine! look at mine!

Lighting dust: Ooh yeah.

Mist hearts: Jee trixie we thought you were in a lot of myths but I believe we do represent the elements of friendship.

 Princess Adagio dazzle: Indeed you do.

*princess adagio dazzle appears *

Trixie lulamoon: Princess adagio

Princess Adagio dazzle : Trixie lulamoon my faithful student, I knew you could do it.

Trixie lulamoon: But you told me it was just an old mare's tail.

Princess Adagio dazzle : I know, and i'm sorry, I just wanted you happy, but I saw the signs of nightmare dusk's return and I knew you 6 had the magic inside you to defeat her, but you couldn't let it out until you let true friendship into your heart, but for other as well, princess sonata dusk, it's been 1,00 years since i've seen you like this, it's time to put our problems behind us, we were met to rule together little sister, will you accept my friend.

Princess Sonata dusk : I'm so sorry, I missed you so much adagio.

Princess Adagio dazzle : I missed you too.

Suri polamare: Hey you know what this calls for.. A PARTY!

*after the celebration of sonata's return*

Princess adagio dazzle : Why so glum my faithful student aren't you happy your mission is complete and you can return to candorlot to your studies.

Trixie lulamoon: That's just it, I realized how great it is to have friends, I have to leave them.

Princess Adagio dazzle : Spike take a note please, I princess adagio dazzle will have the unicorn trixie lulamoon stay in ponyville on a new mission to find the magic of friendship, she will report to me what lessons she found and find the secret to it all.

Trixie lulamoon: Thank you princess adagio, i'll study hard then ever before.

Suri polamare : GROUP PHOTO

Starlight glimmer: Say friendship.
AW my little pony episode 2 seen 11 by magictimeymare12




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